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Monday, November 29, 2004

"Ode to Donut Shops" lighting work online.

Mike Epple, cinematographer for "Ode to Donut Shops", put some of that work online. He chose some shots that highlighted a lot of my lighting ability, mainly on the darker side. It's a bittersweet piece about dot-com era San Francisco, and someone finding her place in it. "Donut Shops" is at the tail end of this reel. The actress pictured is Larissa Kasian.

Chrome Backpacks, pt. 2

I can't tell you how hilarious these spots will be. They're short, simple, and very brand-friendly. Chrome would be lucky to have these.

Look out for Nathan Fleming and Carl Palamino, the director and cinematographer, respectively. They'll be going places.

On the shoot, I'd have to admit, we used a lot of shoddy equipment, leaving it to me to rig plenty of things together - from a reflector board to a working boom pole, to a dolly handle for the grip. I almost had to resauder a battery! Otherwise the shoot went pretty well. We shot 3 spots in 3 days.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Chrome Backpacks shoot

Starting this weekend, I'm lighting a spec commercial for Chrome Backpacks, in San Francisco. It sounds like an interesting shoot - it takes place mainly in a car, in a car chase.

I like our range of lights.

Take a look at this blog for updates.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Safety in Numbers Announcement

While Robert's dating Emily, who's also dating Bruce, he's also dating
Sandy, who thinks he's cheating on Emily, which, of course, he's not
(because Emily knows). Confused?

I conceived "Safety in Numbers" originally as a sit-com in the vain of
"Will & Grace", but recently saw this to work better in the prime-time
dramedy format (in the same vain as "Sex and the City" and "Queer as
Folk").  The concept is a relationship-centric drama based on the
"Polyamory" or "Open Relationship" lifestyle.  This isn't going to be
critical, nor is it going to promote it.  The goal of this is that
it's a frank look at the problems that come up, and the way everyone
deals with them.

What I'm proposing here is an experiment.  The current aim (this may
change if some connections pan out) is to go to public access and see
if it can gain an audience there.  Further, on public access, I can
work on pushing the envelope more - I want to tackle subjects such as
bisexuality and its relationship with the "poly" community, and take a
look at other taboos that might be a tough sell to networks.  I want
to shoot these episodes as episodes, one so we can get experience
producing shows with 1-week deadlines, and two, to see if this would
actually work as a series.

Casting will begin in January.  

If requested, I can send you a sample of the script.  Please forward
this message to whomever you think would be interested.

The following is a synopsis of the series and pilot episode:

Robert and Emily have an open relationship. This means that while they themselves are a couple, they're both free to date other people. As they each take on new relationships, they deal with the plethora of challenges in becoming a stronger couple together.

The pilot, "New Relationship Energy" focuses on Emily and her reaction to Robert's new girlfriend Stacy. Stacy knows about Emily, but believes that Robert is cheating on Emily with her, which she's fine with. It's the truth she can't handle.

While Emily deals with her jealousy, she finds a new guy, Bruce, who jumps at the open relationship idea.

Every character deals with their feelings in different ways, as they sort out how they handle their relationships as well as everyone involved.

If they can keep track.