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Friday, July 29, 2005

"Safety in Numbers" update

There's a new "Mission Statement" available for download. Basically it's more of a personal account of how the project came to be, and what the project means.

Southern California Dreaming

I've been down here a month, and it's been awhile since I've updated this site. So, updates -

Item 1 - "Osbo the Magnificent and his Filthy Assistants" was a hit at the Blacklight Ball. We're invited back to the City next year for the 3rd Annual Blacklight Ball. It's definately something that I'm going to continue down here.

Stay informed here on whether you'll find Osbo performing in the gaslight district of San Diego for convention-goers and tourists.

Item 2 - I had my first freelance lighting job up in LA last weekend. It went really well, and, well, I still got it. It still amazes me what you can put together with a few lights, some bounce, and paper tape. I have to say it was humbling, I'm used to much larger packages and a grip/electric crew of three or more. As soon as the director, Rebecca Fishman, names it and publicise it, you can expect some screenshots.

Item 3 - Enter the Piso, an improv show I had the pleasure of being cast in (they still spell my name wrong), was a huge success. Look out for more performances from Wet Maynard as time goes on. Check out some of the video in the Gallery.

Item 4 - "Safety in Numbers" is in full swing again. Edward Champion (my cowriter) and I are going to have the bible done shortly, and get it ready to pitch for next pilot season. I hope to get a website devoted to it soon.