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Monday, July 17, 2006

John M. Osborne Video Reel

Here's a rough draft of my latest reel. The full one will be done on Tuesday. Any suggestions?


Ed said...

Needs more Asian Guy on White girl action (jk)

but seriously, it's pretty good. I would suggest you establish more concrete transitions between cuts, though you accomplish that in your ballet segment (Note that I, too, share your ballet fetish) Just don't do wipe transitions. . . only George Lucas is allowed to do that.

That's my two cents. Just a photographer pretending to be a reel critic.

Lauren said...

nice job. dig the masquerade/ballet thing. and the tire splashing shot. and the rat. and the kiss ending.


1. the pool shot toward the beginning is too long and slow... loses interest...

2. fade music more gradually (or is that just my speakers crapping out?)

3. needs more hot multi-racial action

4. brief nudity wouldn't hurt either...

way to be productive and shiz! keep it up! but after more than four hours, consult your doctor...