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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lev Grossman and Ed Champion: Mortal Enemies?

For those of you not aware, a long time friend and compatriot named Edward Champion maintains a literary-themed blog at Ed has been a great friend over the last couple of years, and we've even written a few things together. Though as his success rises, some people cannot help but make things more difficult for him.

Lev Grossman of Time editorial, has actually come under fire from Ed Champion several times before. If, by under fire, you mean lighthearted and sarcastic quips here and there. Apparently, he's taken notice, and given Ed and his blog some much needed publicity (yes, it's the same links from the above paragraph). Albeit "bad".

It's actually fun to see writers help others, even in indirect ways.

For other writer blogs, I recommend: Saheli Datta, Matt Schwartz (who's site 1001 insomniac nights has since ended) and Sara Harvey. At least. These are people I've known a long time that are actually working professional writers now. I'm proud of them.

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